April 18, 2024




On April 18th, we unite for a powerful cause: the Ottawa Humane Society's Day of Giving. This special day marks an extraordinary opportunity for animal lovers and kind-hearted souls to come together and make a profound difference in the lives of animals in need. Every donation, big or small, will be doubled by our generous sponsors, giving you twice the impact. Whether it's providing shelter, medical care, or a second chance at life, your support on the Day of Giving has the power to transform futures. 

This year, our goal is to raise $120,000, enabling more animals in need to receive the much needed help they so urgently deserve. You're not just giving a donation; you're giving hope, love, and the promise of a better tomorrow for countless animals. Let's make this Day of Giving a milestone of generosity and compassion. Together, we can achieve miracles.


Your donation transforms the lives of animals in need. Every dollar you give is a step towards a brighter future for countless animals. Here’s how your contributions make a difference:

Shelter and Care for Homeless Animals:

Providing a safe haven and compassionate care for abandoned and surrendered animals. Your donations ensure they have a warm bed, nutritious food, and a loving environment as they wait for their forever homes.

Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation:

Funding critical medical care, surgeries, and rehabilitation for animals that arrive injured or ill. Your support helps cover the cost of life-saving treatments and ongoing health care, giving them a second chance at life.

Spay/Neuter Programs to Control Overpopulation:

Supporting spay/neuter initiatives that prevent overpopulation and reduce the number of animals suffering on the streets. Your donations directly contribute to these vital programs, ensuring healthier lives for future generations.

Community Education and Outreach Initiatives:

Enabling outreach and education programs that teach compassion, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership. Through your support, we can create a more informed and empathetic community, fostering a culture of kindness towards animals.

Saving a Life Changes Everything

When you help give animals a second chance, you are creating opportunities for pets to enhance human lives by reducing stress and improving health through their unconditional love and support in their new forever homes.

Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to these critical areas, ensuring that the Ottawa Humane Society can continue our mission to protect, advocate for, and improve the lives of animals. Together, we can make a profound impact.

You make happy tails happen

Pinky is a two-year-old Boston terrier who was found outside, alone, fighting for her life. She was very underweight and was missing fur on her head, legs and belly. OHS veterinarians examined her and found that she has a painful condition in her knees. Not only that, an X-ray revealed that she also has an old pelvis fracture! She needs surgery for her knees and hips. Pinky has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Your monthly donation will make Pinky’s story, and other homeless animal’s stories, a happy ever after tale.

Metu, a two-year-old, black and white cat, arrived at the OHS with a badly broken leg. To make sure Metu could live his best, pain-free life, OHS veterinarians removed his injured leg. After his surgery, he needed close monitoring, pain medication and lots of rest. Because he has monthly supporters, incredible friends to the animals, looking out for him, Metu is doing very well and is living his best life with his furr-ever family.


As a volunteer, Vivien sees the difference donors make in the lives of Ottawa’s animals. Vivien became a monthly donor because it was the best way to support the animals. She knows her monthly gifts make it possible for homeless and vulnerable animals with nowhere else to turn to receive the medical care, loving attention, and anything else they may need.

Vivien Sanders – loyal PAW monthly donor

“I like monthly giving because I don’t have to think about it, but I get to see the real results of my donations. If you’re not sure about becoming a monthly donor, go visit the OHS and see first-hand the amazing work you’ll make possible.” Barb has a lovely cat named Peaches and has adopted two senior cats from OHS in the past. She has heard many heartbreaking stories about animals in need, and she advocates that “all animals deserve love and respect and the OHS plays an invaluable role in protecting, treating and rehoming animals in need."

Barb Potts

“Just know that when you donate to the Ottawa Humane Society, you’re supporting an organization that looks at all the different sides of the issues and works hard to resolve animal welfare concerns at the source. You’ll feel good knowing you helped both the animals and the people in your community.”

Connie Nun

We Care About Ottawa's Animals

Each year, Ottawa Humane Society cares for thousands of sick, injured and homeless animals, providing leadership in animal welfare to help build a compassionate and a brighter future for our community.

Your generous donation will make a difference in the lives of Ottawa’s less fortunate animals. Donate today and give a second chance!

The Ottawa Humane Society achieved prestigious accreditation from Humane Canada’s Accreditation Program in April 2021.

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The Ottawa Humane Society achieved prestigious accreditation from Imagine Canada’s Standards Program in April 2016.

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