Join residents who are taking a stand and telling animal cruelty to buck off.

Watching an animal in distress isn’t entertainment. It’s cruelty. By signing the petition below, you will help us show that Ottawa does not support Professional Bull Riders (PBR) or animal cruelty.

A bull bucks in response to distress, triggered by the rider and a flank strap that is tightened before the bull enters the arena. Those who support using animals in bull riding events call the animals “athletes”, saying they were “born to buck".

A study looking at the Disorders of Performance-Age Bucking Bulls discovered that bucking bulls were more likely than non-bucking bulls to develop horn and sinus disorders and musculoskeletal disorders of the vertebral region and pelvic limbs.

Let’s show that Ottawa opposes the cruel treatment of animals in bull riding events, like PBR.

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